Uwchlan Meetinghouse

Uwchlan Meetinghouse

Uwchlan Preparative meeting was set up by Chester Monthly after being an indulged meeting from 1714 under the care of Goshen Preparative. When Goshen Monthly was established from a division of Chester Monthly in 1721, this meeting became a part of it, with meetings being held in the home of John Cadwallader until 1756 at which time a log meeting house was built on an acre plot of land which had previously been donated by John Cadwallader in 1737, with some ground set aside for a graveyard. In 1778, the meeting house was used as a hospital and the meeting met temporarily at the home of George Thomas. The meeting became part of Caln Quarterly when that meeting was set up in 1800. At the time of the Separation, both sides continued to use the meeting house.

In 1883, the Hicksite branch of Uwchlan Monthly was merged with Bradford Monthly to become Bradford-Uwchlan Monthly and the Bradford Preparative and Caln Preparative meetings were laid and the members transferred to Uwchlan Preparative. This meeting was laid down in 1900.

The Orthodox branch preparative meeting was laid down in 1881 and an indulged meeting was created under the care of Downingtown Preparative.

In 1963 the meetinghouse was purchased by the Women’s Community Club of Uwchlan and in 1976, was sold to the Uwchlan Conservation Trust, though the WCCU continues to use it as their clubhouse. In 1973, it was declared a National Historic Site.

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