Deer Creek Friends Meeting

Deer creek Friends Meeting

Deer Creek Friends first gathered as a preparative meeting in 1736 under Nottingham Monthly. Their first meetinghouse was a log structure built in 1737 and was located across the road from the current location. After a fire in 1784, the meetinghouse was rebuilt of stone across the road.

In 1760, Deer Creek became a monthly meeting and was part of Western Quarterly of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. When Baltimore Yearly meeting established Nottingham Quarterly in 1819, Deer Creek became a part of that Quarter.

At the time of the Great Separation, the Hicksite branch retained the meetinghouse and burial ground. The Orthodox members built a meetinghouse of their own nearby. Deer Creek Friends became a united Meeting in 1949.

1212 Main Street
Darlington, MD 21034

Deer Creek Meeting website

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