About This Site

Welcome to my ongoing project of Quaker Meeting History. My name is Mary and I’ve been actively involved in tracking my own roots for more than twenty years now., Having quite a few Quaker ancestors, I’ve also gathered a good bit of information about the meetinghouses that were so prominent in many of their lives.

That being said, this is a site in progress (I know, most are, right?) so expect things to be changing on a fairly regular basis as I add to the data. This is, essentially, a staged project, where the first stage involves getting basic data about current meetings in place. The second stage will be to add former meetings and link them, where applicable, to current meetings. The third stage, involved adding additional data to the listings, including record transcriptions, news articles,and so forth. At this point, there are some elements of all three stages in place, but there is much more to do.

Your input and contributions are quite welcome, so please feel free to contact me with questions and comments.

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