Sadsbury Monthly Meeting

Sadsbury Monthly Meeting

Sadsbury Meeting was the first meeting created in modern day Lancaster County. It was established first as an indulged meeting in 1723 under New Garden Monthly meeting. About 1725, it became a preparative meeting and built a log meetinghouse. In 1737, it became a monthly meeting under Chester Quarterly. When the Western Quarterly meeting was created in 1758, Sadsbury was transferred to that quarter. Ultimately, Sadsbury became part of Caln Quarterly in 1800.

The current meetinghouse was first built about 1747, replacing the original log meetinghouse. The Hicksite branch retained the meetinghouse at the time of the Great Separation. The Orthodox members built their own meetinghouse on Strasburg Road known as West Sadsbury.

By the beginning of the 1900’s, Sadsbury meeting decided to move the meeting to Christiana in the hopes of attracting new members from that area. They built a large meetinghouse at Penn ad Pine avenues in Christiana, but never really achieved their goal of growing the meeting. In 1974, they moved back to the original meetinghouse.

The burial ground for the meeting surrounds the meetinghouse.

1089 Simmontown Road
Gap, PA 17527

Sadsbury Monthly Meeting website

Sadsbury Friends Burial Ground on Findagrave

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