Schuylkill Monthly Meeting

Schuylkilll Monthly Meeting started as an indulged meeting set up as Charlestown Indulged Meeting in 1812 by Valley Preparative with the permission of Radnor Monthly. The one-story stone building was erected in 1807 by Enoch Walker as a school and place of worship for traveling Friends and those living in the vicinity. In 1815, Walker donated the building and about 2 acres of land to the Charlestown meeting and the following year, the building was expanded and the graveyard enclosed by a fence. In 1826, the name of the meeting was changed to Schuylkill. After the Separation, the property was retained by the Hicksite branch. In 1843, the meeting became Schuylkill Preparative until 1850 when the preparative meeting was discontinued and its members transferred to Valley Preparative. The indulged meeting was established again in 1850 and was transferred to Valley Monthly in 1936.

In 1954 the Schuylkill Monthly Meeting was established by Radnor Monthly, becoming part of Haverford Quarterly at that time. In 1971, the meeting was transferred to Caln Quarterly, where it remains as an active meeting today.

37 N. Whitehorse Road
Phoenixville, PA 19460

Schuylkill Monyhly Meeting website

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