Reading Monthly Meeting

In 1756,Reading Preparative Meeting was established by Exeter Monthly Meeting, after having been an indulged meeting since about 1750. Their first meetinghouse was a log structure, which they soon outgrew, having to resort to meeting in the courthouse until land could be purchased. In 1759, the meeting purchased two adjacent lots on 6th street on which to build a meetinghouse and lay out  a burial ground. Within a few years, this structure proved too small and the meeting built a log structure at what is now 412  Washington Street which would be used for the next century. This log structure served as a hospital during the Revolution. Finally, in 1868, the current stone meetinghouse was built.

At the time of the Separation, the Hicksite branch retained the Reading meetinghouse and it became the home of Exeter Monthly when they moved to Reading about 1878. Exeter Monthly became a United meeting in 1951 and it became known as Reading-Exeter Monthly Meeting. In 1955, the name was changed, again, to become Reading Monthly Meeting, which it has been ever since. 

108 N. 6th Street
Reading, PA 19601

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