Penn Hill Preparative Meeting

Penn Hill Preparative Meeting

Penn Hill Preparative Meeting is also known as Little Britain Preparative, not to be confused with the monthly meeting of the same name. Nottingham Monthly Meeting established Little Britain as an indulged meeting in 1745. At that time, the meeting was part of Chester Quarterly. From 1749 to 1804, Little Britain was a preparative meeting and was transferred to Concord Quarterly. In 1804, Little Britain Preparative became part of the newly formed Little Britain Monthly meeting. In 1819, Baltimore Yearly created a new quarter known as Nottingham to which Little Britain was transferred. The new Nottingham quarter also included Nottingham Monthly Meeting and Deer Creek Monthly Meeting.

Penn Hill Preparative Meeting is still an active meeting today under Little Britain Monthly in the Nottingham Quarterly of Baltimore Yearly Meeting.

The first meetinghouse was a log structure built in 1750. Before then, members’ homes served as the meeting place. The log meetinghouse was replaced by a stone building in 1758. In 1823, the current brick meetinghouse was built by Jeremiah Brown.

There is a large burial ground behind the meetinghouse.

Penn HIll Meeting Burial Ground on Findagrave

Rte 222 Wakefield, PA

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