London Grove Monthly Meeting

London Grove Preparative meeting was set up in 1724 by New Garden Monthly having functioned as an indulged meeting since 1714. Meetings were held n the homes of members until 1724 when the first meeting house, built of logs, were built near the site of the current meeting house. When London Grove Monthly meeting was established in 1792, this meeting became part of it. At the time of the Separation, the Hicksite branch of London Grove Monthly retained the two story natural stone meeting house, built in 1818, and the property surrounding it, including the burial ground. The membership of the preparative meeting and London Grove Monthly meeting had become identical near the beginning of the 1900’s, so the preparative meeting was laid down in 1912.

The Orthodox segment of the meeting met in members’ home until 1834 when they built a meeting house and created a burial ground just south of the original meeting on Newark Road.

500 West Street Road
Kennett Square, PA 19348

London Grove Monthly Meeting website

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