New Garden Monthly Meeting

New Garden Preparative meeting was originally set up in 1715 by Newark Monthly after being an indulged meeting since 1713. Early meetings were held in the home of John Miller in 1713 and in 1715, a log meeting house was built. In 1743 a red brick addition was added to the south end of the building, followed by a north end enlargement in 1790. A large burial ground is laid out to the south of the meeting house.

After the Separation, the Hicksite branch retained this meeting house and its burial ground of close to six acres, and the Orthodox branch built a small red brick meetinghouse of their own and laid out a small burial ground about a quarter mile south on Newark Road.The Hicksite preparative meeting was discontinued in 1924 by New Garden Monthly and finally laid down in 1928. All of the meeting’s property was then deeded to New Garden Monthly. This meeting house is now the home of New Garden Monthly meeting.

875 Newark Road
Toughkenamon, PA 19374

New Garden Monthly Meeting website

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