Whiteland Preparative Meeting (Orthodox)

In 1822, a preparative meeting was established at Whiteland by Goshen Monthly meeting, with the approval of Concord Quarterly. The meetinghouse was a one -story stone house located just south of the Lincoln Highway near Frazer. A small burial ground was also plotted. At the time of the Separation,the Orthodox branch retained the property, though both groups continued to use the meetinghouse for a number of years until the Hicksite branch was laid down in 1847. In 1879, most of the members of the meeting have moved to the Malvern area, so it was decided to build a new meetinghouse there. By the end of the 1800's, Whiteland was the last remaining preparative meeting within Goshen Monthly, so all meetings were held at Malvern. The Whiteland Preparative meeting was laid down sometime after 1918

When the two factions were re-united, the Hicksite meetinghouse at Goshenville became the home of the Gishen Monthly Meeting and the Malvern property was no longer needed. It is currently in use by Malvern Bible Chapel.