Western Quarterly

Western Quarterly was established in 1758 by Philadelphia Yearly Meeting as a result of the division of Chester Quarterly Meeting, meeting first at London Grove unitl 1827. After that, it alternated between West Grove. London Grove and New Garden until 1903. At that point, the newly enlarged West Grove meeting  house became the home of the Quarterly meeting.

Crosslands Worship Group

Meetings at Crosslands are held at 10:00AM on Sundays in the William Penn room in the Community Center at Kendal-Crosslands.

Kendal Monthly Meeting

Kendal Monthly Meeting meets in the library at Longwood Center at 10:30 AM on Sundays.

Longwood Progressive Meetinghouse

The meetinghouse of the Longwood Progressive Friends was built in 1854 and now serves as a County Visitors' Center. The cemetery across teh street is stuill in active use.