Plumstead Friends Meeting


Point Pleasant Pike
Gardenville , PA 40° 22' 1.4916" N, 75° 6' 50.238" W

An indulged meeting was established at Plumstead in 1727 by Buckingham Monthly. In 1730 the worship group was established by Bucks Quarterly and its preparative meeting was set up in 1731.

The Orthodox branch of the meeting moved to Landisville in 1836 and was discontinued in 1878, its members transferred to Buckingham Monthly (Orthodox). The Hicksite preparative meeting was laid down in 1868, though the worship continued to meet. By 1900, the meeting was only opened on an annual basis.

Plumstead Worship Group under the care of Buckingham Monthly reopened the meetinghouse for their use in 1989 and in 2002, it became a Monthly Meeting under Bucks Quarterly.


Quaker House Still Alive

When you drive along the Gardenville Road between Gardenville and Danboro you may wonder on a Sunday morning about a Quaker meeting house which stands serene and silent without a congregation within its stone walls - or ambling up its old pathways.