Penns Grove Meetinghouse

Penns Grove was established in 1820 as an Indulged meeting under New Garden Monthly with its members meeting first in the home of Joseph Brown and later in the home of John Hambleton. at the time of the Separation, the meeting was Hicksite, so the Orthodox portion of the meeting was laid down. Meetings continued at the home of John Hambleton until March of 1828 when they started to use the home of  Samuel and Phebe Hadley. In 1833, the present meetinghouse was built and a burial ground laid out. In 1842, Penns Grove Monthly was established from New Garden Monthly and Fallowfield Monthly and the Penns Grove preparative meeting was joined to the new monthly, along with Homeville Preparative meeting. The Penns Grove Preparative meeting was laid down in 1951 and its responsibilities were assumed by Penns Grove Monthly.

Penns Grove Monthly meeting was discontinued in 1952, but the meetinghouse continued to be opened each summer for several meetings for worship.