Makefield Friends Meeting


877 Dolington Road
18940 Newtown , PA
Phone: 215-493-1147
40° 15' 56.5632" N, 74° 53' 12.822" W

Sources vary a bit on the origins of this meeting, but it is generally accepted that a meeting was organized here by about 1750. In 1790, the Preparative meeting was set up at Makefield by Falls Monthly, after having been an indulged meeting for many years. The Makefield Monthly meeting was created in 1820 by a division of the Falls Monthly meeting and the preparative meeting was joined to the new monthly meeting. Prior to the building of the meetinghouse, members met in the homes of Benjamin Taylor and Benjamin Gilbert

At the time of the Sepeartion, the meeting was predominantly Hicksite, so that group retained the meetinghouse and grounds.

There is a large cemetery adjoining the meetinghouse and it appears that the carriage sheds are still present on the property.