Elkridge Meetinghouse


Old Columbia Pike
Ellicott City , MD 39° 15' 58.6152" N, 76° 47' 54.996" W

When the founders of Ellicott City, the Ellicott brothers, first came to Maryland from Bucks county, Pennsylvania, about 1774, they attended meeting at a meeting house in Elkridge, near Ilchester. In 1800, the Ellicott brothers built a meeting house on the edges of the mill town they founded and presented it to the Friends of Baltimore for the use of the Society. From that point on, Friends met in the new meeting house, as the old one was too small and quite inconvenient for many to attend. By 1816, attendance at the meeting had dropped quite, partly due to the rise of the popularity of the city of Baltimore.

After its close as a meetinghouse, the building was used as a school and a hospital. It is now a private residence.