Bristol Friends Meeting


235 Market Street
19007 Bristol , PA 40° 5' 46.2444" N, 74° 51' 25.6608" W

Bristol meeting was first granted indulged status about 1707 and a preparative meeting was established in 1715 by Falls Monthly Meeting. When the Middletown Monthly Meeting was created, the preparative meeting was joined to it, but later was transferred back to Falls Monthly when the Middletown Monthly was laid down in 1827. The Hicksite branch retained the original meetinghouse after the Separation, while the Orthodox members built themselves a one-story meetinghouse just up the street, at the corner of Wood and Walnut.

The burial ground for Bristol is located on the west side of Wood Street between Penn and Walnut and has been used jointly by Hicksite, Orthodox and Primitive Friends over the years.