Arney's Mount Friends Meeting


40° 0' 36.468" N, 74° 41' 47.3064" W

Arney's Mount Friends Meeting was first set up as a seasonal meeting for worship in 1743 by Burlington Monthly at the request of Friends from Mount Holly. Attendance was strong and by 1776 a preparative meeting was established. The first meetinghouse was of logs and after a second fire in 1809 nearly destroyed, the present stone meetinghouse was built.

At the time of the Separation, the Hicksites retained the meetinghouse, and the Orthodox preparative meeting was discontinued in 1827, its members attached to Mount Holly Preparative.

The Hicksite branch of the preparative  meeting was discontinued in 1871 and the meeting for worship was laid down in 1898. By the late 1920's only appointed meetings were being held, but in 18\91 a regular meeting for worship was established at Mount Arney. The meeting is currently active, meeting twice a month.