Abington Quarterly

Foulkeways Worship Group

The Foulkeways Worship Group meets at the Foulkeways community at Gwynedd

Horsham Monthly Meeting

A meeting for worship was established by Abington Monthly at Horsham in 1716, followed by a preparative meeting the following year. In 1782, the meeting was joined to Horsham Monthly Meeting when that meeting was established.

Norristown Monthly Meeting

In 1852, an indulged meeting was set up at Norristown by the Hicksite Gwynedd Monthly meeting, and was followed in 1860 by a preparative meeting established at Norristown by Abington Quarterly (Hicksite). In 1936, the original Gwynedd Monthly meeting was dissolved and all of its preparative meetings, including Norristown, were established as Monthly meetings.

Plymouth Monthly Meeting

Plymouth Preparative meeting was established in 1710 by Radnor Monthly after having been an indulged meeting from about 1702 and it was continued as a Hicksite meeting at the time of the Great Separation.

Pottstown Area Friends Worship Group

Pottstown Area Friends Worship Group was established in 2006 under the care of Gwynedd Monthly meeting and meets at Fellowship Farm.

Unami Monthly Meeting

Unami Monthly Meeting was established by Abington Quarterly in 1972. Their present meetinghouse was purchased in 1974

Upper Dublin Monthly Meeting

In 1814 an indulged meeting was set up at Upper Dublin by Horsham Monthly Meeting, followed the next year by a meeting for worship and a preparative meeting. At the time of the Separation, the Orthodox preparative meeting was discontinued and its members attached to Horsham preparative meeting.