Abington Meeting (Orthodox) "Little Abington"


Jenkintown Road opposite Fisher
Jenkintown , PA 40° 5' 19.4712" N, 75° 7' 0.948" W

At the time of the Great Separtion, the majority of the Abington Monthly Meeting was of the Hicksite persuasion,so they retained the original meeting property.

"There is no reference in Abington meeting minutes relative to any of the doctrinal and personal controversies that precede the Separation of 1827. The majority of the members, however, favored the Hicksite group. at the monthly meeting in Ninth month 24, 1827, a few Orthodox members in each of the men's and women's meetings arose and stated that they had assembled for the purpose of holding Abington Monthly Meeting. If they were not premitted to do so in this building, thye would be obliged to withdraw and hold the meeting at the house of Daniel Fletcher, and this they proceeded to do. There is no reference to any of this in the minutes of that day, but a committee was appointed in Decmber to consider that status of the Friends who had withdrawn. Upon their report in February a minute was made, reciting the facts of the withdrawl, and giving it as the sense of the meeting that these Friends could no longer be regarded as members of the meeting. The yearly meeting made a request, a few months later, for a corrected amount of the meeting membership and for the Friends who withdrew. This report gives the total membership of the meeting at the time of the Separation as 584, and the members who withdrew as 47. In 1836 the Orthodox group built their present meeting-house, a small one-story stone structure, situated on Jenkintown Road, east of Meetinghouse Road, in Jenkintown. The present meeting is called "Little" Abington Meeting, in order to distinguish it from the Hicksite meeting of the same name, and meetings have continued in the meetinghouse erected in 1836, until the present day. In 1917, a group of Friends residing in the vicinity of Cheltenham, members of Abington Monthly Meeting, began holding meetings there, and in 1921 built their present meeting-house on Ryers avenue (entry 95). At present meetings for worship are held at both houses, while the Monthly meeting is held two times each year at the Little Abington Meetingh-house, and 10 times at the meeting-house in Cheltenham."1